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Are you overwhelmed with juggling life and motherhood? Do you feel powerless because what you are doing is not working? Are you constantly stressed, anxiety and have little time to your self? 

Let me support and guide you on this journey

There are tools, techniques and personal support available that can help free you from self-doubt, confusion and feeling helpless.

Since 2009 I've been working to support parents and children.  I have four children of my own, each with unique learning and behavioural challenges.  

As a motherhood coach and qualified counsellor, I can offer you the support you need to mother and nurture your child (or children), making the shift from struggling to thriving. 

With the right tools, skills and personal support you can transform not only your life but the happiness of your whole family.

Why wait another week or even another year to turn things around.

Book a private session to:

  • Experience genuine connection, support and understanding with an approach tailored to your needs. 
  • Understand why you are feeling the way you are.
  • Understand your child and strategies to creating greater connection.
  • Learn strategies and techniques to help create a calmer family environment.


"In all my dealings with Joanne personally and professionally I have felt supported and completely free to say whatever I am feeling without fear of judgment.  Her personality is so open and warm and her help has been invaluable to me." - Kristin M

"Jo is so calm and amazing with kids but also totally relatable and has been through it all herself. I could not recommend her services more." Bridget M

"Jo has been a breath of fresh air and voice of reason.  I love that I go home with homework each week, strategies and tools to help me and my daughter! Thank you for offering solutions and suggestions! It makes it even more 'real' because you have lived/are living through similar circumstances.  It's nice to be heard!" Kirsty G


Workshop Testimonials

"Thanks for a fantastic presentation today. I’m hoping to implement some of the strategies you’ve suggested, and hopefully make tricky times easier for my sensory children." - Chris M

"Thank you for such an informed, well set out and educational workshop. Up until your workshop, I didn’t really understand much about sensory processing issues. Now I have a clear idea of what life is like for Jackson and how I can help him, which is such a relief. I have already put some of the strategies you suggested in place and they are working really well and the best part is he really loves the activities too." - Nardia R


Click below to arrange a time for a preliminary, obligation free 20-minute consultation to see how motherhood support sessions can help you.

Consultation Prices



Per session

50 Minute Consultation

Sherwood, Brisbane location or via phone or Zoom

Strategies & techniques

Agreed weekly actions to enable transformation




First Session Only

70 Minute consultation

Sherwood, Brisbane location or via phone or Zoom

Understanding of your current circumstances

Tailored support 




Bulk Discount

10% Discount for 5 sessions

Sherwood, Brisbane location or via phone or Zoom

5 Ongoing Sessions (strategies, techniques & weekly actions)

Tailored support



Understanding your child and how they learn, whether you are struggling with challenging behaviour or learning difficulties.


Understanding children who are labelled as "the naughty child", "the fidgeter" or who go under the radar and are known as "the floppy child".


The key to a happier family life starts with feeling good about yourself and being organised. 


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