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"Successful mothers are not the one's who have never struggled.  They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles."

Sharon Jaynes


Bachelor of Arts (Justice Studies)
Diploma of Counselling (Advanced Study Major - Child development and Effective Parenting)
Author & Public Speaker
Director Magnetic Moves
Co-Designer of Magnetic Moves Routine & Activity Charts


My journey of motherhood was not what I expected. As a young girl all I wanted in life was to be a mum. What I didn’t expect to feel was lost, overwhelmed and confused. If this sounds similar to yourself then you have come to the right place.   You may be struggling with behavioural, educational, emotional or physical issues with one or more of your children. At Motherhood & You I am here to let you know that you are not alone, there is no shame in asking for help and that there is support available.

I am the mother of four children ranging in age from eight to eighteen, and I have experienced many parenting challenges over the years. Two of my children have Dyslexia and one has Sensory Processing Disorder. Between them all, I have dealt with stuttering, acute eczema, delayed toilet training, sleeping problems and sensory issues where the simple act of brushing teeth or putting on socks and shoes would be overwhelming and result in angry meltdowns. I have had a child that struggled learning to read, a toddler who seemed to always be attacking other kids in the playground, and I have also had a child who is angelic and did everything expected of him. More recently I am dealing with the onset of adolescence and all that comes with this complicated stage.

I know what it is like to do a lot of solo parenting. My husband has traveled internationally on a regular basis for work and I have little other family support. I have juggled sick parents with the demands of young children and I lost my father while heavily pregnant with my third child. I know that life around us does not stop just because we are busy with our kids. I can relate to your struggles of working and feeling financial pressures while managing a household.  

Aside from being a mum, I am a Counsellor, author and public speaker. My experiences have led me to present numerous professional development workshops for teachers, childcare workers and parents on the topic of ‘Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder’. In 2009, with my business partner, I designed and created routine and activity charts for children and our business Magnetic Moves began.  I also co-authored a children’s book in 2015 ‘Ben’s School Daze’, a story of a young boy being overwhelmed in a sensory world.

At Motherhood & You I want to partner with you to discover goals and strategies to help you manage this wonderfully overwhelming role of being a mother. As mothers we can guide and support our children but we cannot change who they are. Motherhood is a wonderful journey where we can learn so much about ourselves and with a little guidance, support and self-care it doesn’t have to be the struggle so many of us experience.



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Understanding your child and how they learn.  Whether you are struggling with challenging behaviour or learning difficulties.


Understanding children who are labelled as "the naughty child", "the fidgeter" or who go under the radar and are known as "the floppy child".


The key to a happier family life starts with feeling good about yourself and being organised. 


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